Grooming Services

All pricing is dependant on breed, size and coat condition

Full Bath & Groom

Hollywood Hounds full groom is the true celebrity experience for your furry little star! An all inclusive service ensures that there are no surprise add-ons! It includes a full service ear clean, including plucking, cleaning and anti-mite treatment. We clip in between the paw pads to get rid of any matting, knotting or irritants followed by a nail clip. Before every bath we complete a full body brush out to ensure that the entire coat is free of any matting and knotting and using our range of specialty shampoos we prepare a warm hydro bath specifically designed for your furry little star. We check and express the anal glands if needed, and if requested can administer a range of skin care solutions for the sensitive skinned pooch.  Every bath includes a teeth brush and mouthwash service and eye clean followed by a high powered blow dry to blast the coat smooth and dry and ready for finishing.

Our groomers specialise in breed specific grooming but we also encourage everyone to find a groom that works best for them and their furry little friends lifestyle. Call the salon today to talk with the girls about what we can do for you and your furry little star!

From $75


A Strip-out is not just a simple brush out, it is a full groom service for our long-haired friends. This service includes all of the services included in our ‘Full Groom’ but is specifically aimed at long coated or double-coated breeds. The ‘Stripout’ removes their undercoats,  helping them cool in the Queensland heat as well as remove loose or dead skin and fur. Combining a range of de-shedding, de-matting and clarifying products with our high-powered hydro bath and speciality dryers we ensure that your long-coated star is cleaned, cleansed and properly dried right down to the skin and back. There are also a range of breed specific finishing cuts that we can discuss with you so your long-locked star will be looking their red-carpet best! Contact the salon today to discuss what we can do to keep your furry stars long hair looking luscious!

From $75

Bath & Blow Dry

Hollywood Hounds Bath and Blow Dry service is for all furry stars great and small! This is ideal service to help extend the time between full grooms, help prevent matting after ocean or fresh water swimming or maybe just to refresh your furry little stars coat after some time on the farm? After a them a warm hydro bath and blow dry their coat so they are both red carpet ready and smelling oh so good!

From $25

Tidy Up

The Tidy Up is specifically designed for all other breeds who want to stay taut trim and terrific in between full service grooms. We will clip the groin followed by an ear clean and nail trim. Our warm hydrobath will be followed by a blow dry and light brush out. Finishing off with a face, eye and feet trim will leave your little star looking tidy-terrific for their next night in the spotlight!

From $55

Brush Out and Bath

The Brush Out and Bath is for all those long locked stars that need their mane maintained between full grooms. We will do a complete brush out, resolving any matting problems followed by a warm Hydro bath and blow dry. This service includes an ear clean and a nail trim, making sure your little star is pawfectly preened for their next walk down the red carpet!

From $55

Want More Services

Contact our team to discuss any of our services or your pet requirements

Hollywood Hounds invites you to tailor your grooming requirements around your star. If you want more, then simply select and build a package that best suits you! Some of our extra services and/or services that can be performed independent of our packages are listed below:

Anal Glands [no vet consultation required]

Teeth Brush & mouthwash rinse

Nail File & Buff

Nail Paint

Nail Caps

Colouring: Ears only, Tail Only or Ears & Tail

Medicated Shampoo

From $5

Booking Policy

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